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Auto loans permit you to make monthly payments on a vehicle that you would be unable to purchase otherwise. Most often, the bank holds a lien on the vehicle until it is fully paid off. You’ll have to carry full coverage insurance, to ensure that you’ll have the money to repay the loan in case the car gets totaled. Normally, you’ll want to put together your loan ahead of time. Let a local Rogers lending specialist direct you through the purchasing process. Even better, it takes just a couple of minutes to apply.

Auto Loan Rates in Rogers

What will your APR be? Truth be told, your annual percentage rate can vary widely based on your credit score, among other factors. The rates shown below are only for informational purposes. They are not advertisements, and your exact rate will vary.

Credit Rating New Car Pre-owned Car
Excellent 3.0% 3.3%
Good 4.3% 4.7%
Average 7.4% 8.4%
Subprime 12.4% 13.5%
Bad 19.1% 19.6%
Very Bad NA NA

Used Car Loans in Rogers

Options like 0% finance and zero down can be found on new cars when you have superior credit. However, a second hand car auto loan has loads of benefits, like:

  • Just 10% required down.
  • More affordable out the door cost.
  • Reduced risk of negative equity.

Have a look at the table below, depicting the various costs of car loans for brand new versus pre-owned vehicles.

Years Old Price APR Months Payment Interest Total
New $15,700 6.00% 60 $303.52 $2,511 $18,211
1 Year $12,560 7.50% 60 $251.68 $2,541 $15,101
2 Years $10,676 7.50% 60 $213.93 $2,160 $12,836
3 Years $9,075 7.50% 60 $181.84 $1,836 $10,910

As you can see, the car financed new for $15,700 is worth only $9,075 after three years. Most lenders will allow you to finance a second hand car that’s up to eight years old, and some cap the mileage at 100K miles.

Bad Credit Car Loans in Rogers

FICO scores of 680 or less are generally considered subprime, and those less than 620 are simply bad. Basically, assuming you have below-average credit, a single digit interest rate isn’t possible. Although below-average credit always results in a more expensive interest rate, you can now request quotes from a range of loan providers online.


On the spot financing is a further option, available at Rogers’s buy here pay here car dealerships. The disadvantages are significant, such as extortionate interest rates and multitudinous stipulations.

You’ll want to keep away from these dealerships when you can, and apply for an auto loan on the web. There are lots of advantages: more affordable rates of interest, considerably better service. And, if you make your payments as agreed, a better FICO score.

Best of all, you can submit your application online.

Zero Down Cars in Rogers

Saving enough cash necessary to buy a new car can be difficult, especially if your credit isn’t perfect, which might entail a significant down payment. In realityIn all honesty, getting a zero down car loan can be complicated. If you don’t have very good credit, it is best to save for a down payment, or else you could end up paying an excessively high interest rate. That said, when you apply online, there are many loan providers and car dealers that will offer zero down car deals for folks who haven’t got the greatest credit.

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