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Hoping to secure an auto loan in Modesto? A lot of the time, your finance package will be arranged on the lot, but this can be a very frustrating process. Why would you want to spend your time applying for financing at the finance company or car dealership when you can get approved right here through our site?

Lenders and dealers fight to finance your credit, putting you in charge of the approval process.

Auto Loan Rates in Modesto

Curious about the rate of interest you will be asked to pay? In fact, your annual percentage rate can vary widely based on your credit score, plus a range of other variables. The rates shown below are only for informational purposes. They are not advertisements, and your exact rate will vary.

Credit Rating New Car Pre-owned Car
Excellent 3.2% 3.7%
Good 4.6% 5.7%
Average 6.5% 8.5%
Subprime 9.4% 10.8%
Bad 14.1% 16.5%
Very Bad 15.6% 18.4%

Make sure you know what your FICO score is. We recommend going here, where you can check your score at no charge.

Used Car Financing in Modesto

New cars are enticing, for certain. If building wealth is important to you, however, you should choose a pre-owned car. You can finance a solid pre-owned car or truck for a small fraction of the cost of a new one.

Age Price Rate Months Payment Interest Total
New $25,400 6.00% 60 $491.05 $4,063 $29,463
1 Year $20,320 7.50% 60 $407.17 $4,110 $24,430
2 Years $17,272 7.50% 60 $346.10 $3,494 $20,766
3 Years $14,681 7.50% 60 $294.18 $2,970 $17,651

After just 12 months of driving, the $25,400 new car is worth only $20,320, and only $14,681 after three years. Most companies will permit you to finance a pre-owned car up to eight years old, and some cap the miles at 100K miles.

Poor Credit Car Loans in Modesto

Poor credit has become a big impediment for the people of Modesto and the state as a whole. In a nutshell, your FICO score is used to gauge risk. Before the net, you might be rejected at several different banks or dealerships before you were approved for financing.


A lot of people end up turning to buy here pay here car dealers that don’t do credit assessments. The annual percentage rates are borderline extortionate, and the cars and trucks are sometimes price over market value. You will be better off with a car loan from a bank or credit union. The down payments are less expensive, as well as the rates of interest, and the service is commonly noticeably superior.

Contact an auto finance professional in your area today.

Minimizing Your Interest

If you would like to lessen your rate of interest, you have several options. For starters, it’s smart to check your credit report for any discrepancies. Fortunately, it’s free to check your credit report once a year at Disputing inaccuracies is relatively simple. You can do it yourself, or enlist one of the credit repair agencies that serves Modesto. In most cases, adding a cosigner to your auto loan could also lessen your interest rate.

Zero Down Auto Loans in Modesto

Often people don’t fully grasp that, ordinarily, you need some cash in the bank to get approved for financing.

The down payment diminishes lender risk in the vehicle, and it compensates for the rapid depreciation that impacts any new car purchase. By applying online, you may boost your odds of obtaining such a deal. Lenders and dealers are able to view your down payment upfront.

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