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Trying to obtain financing in San Francisco? Unfortunately, arranging such a loan can be a rather aggravating process, making it terribly challenging to get the car or truck you want. To help speed up the process, you can apply on the web for financing.

This is particularly helpful for folks who have a low credit score, as a selection of dealers and finance companies will consider funding your loan, many of which specialize in bad credit lending scenarios.

Car Loan Rates in San Francisco

These interest rates are only for informational purposes. They aren’t advertisements. Actual rates differ.

Credit Rating New Car Pre-owned Car
Excellent 3.2% 3.7%
Good 4.6% 5.7%
Average 6.5% 8.5%
Subprime 9.4% 10.8%
Bad 14.1% 16.5%
Very Bad 15.6% 18.4%

You should know what your FICO score is. We suggest going here.

Used Car Auto Loans in San Francisco

Yes, the interest rates for a pre-owned car are greater than the rates for a brand new one. Nevertheless, a pre-owned car loan has all kinds of benefits:

  • Down payment is more affordable.
  • Reduced purchase price.
  • Minimized risk of car poor.

The figures speak for themselves.

Age Price APR Months Payment Interest Total Cost
New $16,300 6.00% 60 $315.12 $2,607 $18,907
1 Year $13,040 7.50% 60 $261.29 $2,638 $15,678
2 Years $11,084 7.50% 60 $222.10 $2,242 $13,326
3 Years $9,421 7.50% 60 $188.79 $1,906 $11,327

You can get a very good car for the money if you don’t mind buying used. Let’s consider the most common limits on used vehicle financing:

  • Vehicle no older than 7-10 years.
  • Mileage no greater than 100,000 miles.
  • Bought from dealer, not private party.

Bad Credit Auto Loans in San Francisco

Poor credit can make it challenging to finance a car, but it isn’t impossible. There’s nothing more embarrassing than being denied credit at the dealership. A couple of decades ago, you might be rejected at a few lenders or dealers before obtaining a loan.


It may seem like a buy here pay here dealer is the easiest solution. Such dealers don’t look at your credit, and they offer inexpensive pre-owned cars and trucks. The interest rates are very high, and the cars and trucks are often price over market value.

You should avoid these car lots when possible, securing an auto loan via the web. An established bank or finance company will report your payments to the credit bureaus, so your credit score will improve as long as you keep making your payments as agreed.

Best of all, you can submit your application online.

No Down Payment Financing in San Francisco

Generally, you still need a good amount of hard cash to get behind the wheel, as a down payment of 10-20% is usually a requirement.

The down payment compensates for the immediate drop in value you see with any new vehicle purchase. If you don’t have top notch credit, it’s best to save for a down payment, or else you could find yourself paying an exorbitant interest rate. Nevertheless, when you apply online, there are many loan providers and car dealers that will offer no down payment auto loans for people without the greatest credit.

San Francisco Resources

San Francisco Credit Unions

Credit UnionStreet addressZip CodePhone
Allied Credit Union144 2nd St94105(415) 896-6890
Bay Media12 Mint Plaza94103(415) 986-0445
Bay Media Federal Credit Union426 Jessie St94103(415) 986-0484
Bethel A.M.E. San Francisco970 Laguna St94102(415) 921-5529
Chevron50 Fremont St #13094105(415) 543-6142
Chevron Texaco Credit Union50 Fremont St94105(415) 543-6142
Ctgy1455 Market St94103(415) 861-5170
Delancey Street600 The Embarcadero94107(415) 512-5105
Embarcadero Federal Credit Union131 Franklin St94102(415) 765-6850
Jones Methodist Church1975 Post St94115(415) 922-8320
Mckesson Employees1 Post St #182594104(415) 983-8920
Mckesson Employees1 Post St94104(415) 983-8920
Mission Area F C U2940 16th St #30594110(415) 431-5546
Mission San Francisco3269 Mission St94110(415) 431-2268
Northeast Community683 Clay St94111(415) 434-0738
Northeast Community288 Jones St94102(415) 441-7283
Northeast Community992 Howard St94103(415) 546-3997
Northern California LatvianPO BOX 46042994146(415) 643-9926
Northern California Latvian425 Hoffman Ave94114(415) 643-9926
Pacific Postal175 Mendell St94124(415) 550-7207
Pacific Postal390 Main St94105(415) 206-7114
Pacific Service25 Beale St94111(888) 858-6878
Patelco1405 Noriega St94122(415) 759-4135
Patelco750 Font Blvd94132(415) 841-2900
Patelco156 2nd St94105(415) 442-7123
Polam5923 Geary Blvd94121(415) 752-7760
Provident450 Golden Gate Ave94102(415) 864-1519
Provident701 Sacramento St94108(415) 397-3302
Redwood241 California St94111(800) 479-7928
Redwood100 Van Ness Ave94102(800) 479-7928
S F Municipal Railway Emp1425 Ocean Ave94112(415) 469-8817
S F Recreation & Parks1286 23rd Ave94122(415) 661-4652
S.F. Bay Area Educators258 Laguna Honda Blvd94116(415) 664-4313
S.F. Police2550 Irving St94122(415) 564-3800
San Francisco770 Golden Gate Ave94102(415) 775-5377
San Francisco4375 Geary Blvd94118(415) 775-5377
San Francisco2645 Ocean Ave #194132(415) 775-5377
San Francisco B P R201 Mission St94105(415) 546-6177
San Francisco Fire3201 California St94118(415) 674-4800
San Francisco Fire565 Buckingham Way94132(415) 674-4450
San Francisco Lee915 Grant Ave94108(415) 982-0915
Self-Help45 Castro St Fl B94114(707) 552-4550
Self-Help90 7th St94103(707) 552-4550
Self-Help555 Battery St94111(707) 552-4550
Self-Help900 Hyde St Fl 294109(707) 552-4550
SpectrumPO Box 19391994119(415) 701-3500
Spectrum50 Beale St94105(415) 777-3960
Youth Credit Union Program2940 16th St94110(415) 431-5248