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Do you need to secure financing in Jacksonville? Unfortunately, lining up such a loan can be a pretty infuriating process, stealing all the fun from buying a car. Most financial specialists encourage obtaining your car loan in advance, which offers an array of benefits:

  • Less time wasted at the dealership.
  • Lesser interest rate.
  • Improved bargaining leverage.

Let a finance consultant in Jacksonville help you get approved for financing, answering your questions in the process.

Auto Finance Rates in Jacksonville

Keep in mind, the rates below should not be seen as advertisements, but instead estimates at the time of publication. Your precise rate of interest will depend on quite a number of variables, which include loan provider, down payment, monthly income, loan-to-value ratio, etc.

Credit Rating New Car Used Car
Excellent 3.2% 3.3%
Good 4.4% 4.5%
Average 6.1% 6.0%
Subprime 9.0% 9.4%
Bad 13.4% 14.1%
Very Bad 13.8% 15.5%

Used Auto Loans in Jacksonville

Yes, the interest rates for a pre-owned car are greater than the rates for a new one. However, pre-owned cars and trucks are a better value in the long run, and they depreciate less. You can finance a low-mileage used car or truck for half the cost of a brand new one.

Age Price APR Months Payment Interest Total
New $19,200 6.00% 60 $371.19 $3,071 $22,271
1 Year $15,360 7.50% 60 $307.78 $3,107 $18,467
2 Years $13,056 7.50% 60 $261.62 $2,641 $15,697
3 Years $11,098 7.50% 60 $222.37 $2,245 $13,342

A pre-owned car or truck is an excellent option, regardless of whether you’re getting a loan or not. Auto loans for used vehicles come with slightly higher interest rates, but in many cases, you only need 10% down, and the insurance costs are less expensive.

Bad Credit Auto Loans in Jacksonville

Poor credit has become a serious stumbling block for the consumers of Jacksonville and beyond. The better your credit, the lower your annual percentage rate is going to be. A couple of decades ago, you might be turned down at several lenders or dealers before you were approved for a loan.


In Jacksonville, buy here pay here car dealerships wind up serving a large proportion of the bad credit demographic No, your credit will not be an issue, but you will find yourself coughing up a boatload in interest for an older car or truck. Instead, we recommend that you apply for financing online. The rates are typically lower, the terms significantly better, and you have the ability to improve your credit at the same time.

Contact an auto finance professional in your area today.

Can a Car Loan Improve Your Credit?

An auto loan can improve your credit score, if it meets these conditions:

  • It isn’t supplied by a BHPH dealer.
  • The installments are paid punctually, every month.

There’s no instantaneous surge in your FICO score. Rather, it should increase steadily with your payments. Most lenders offer automated payment options, which are essential to making your payments when they’re due each month.

Jacksonville Resources

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[tboot_table strip=”yes” border=”yes” hover=”yes” cols=”Credit Union,Street address,Zip,Telephone” data=”121 Financial,P.O. BOX 16688,32245,(904) 723-6300,121 Financial,459 E 16th St,32206,(904) 722-4535,121 Financial,12740 Atlantic Blvd,32246,(904) 723-6300,121 Financial,9700 Touchton Rd,32216,(904) 723-6300,121 Financial,11406 San Jose Blvd,32223,(904) 723-6300,121 Financial,8101 Normandy Blvd,32221,(904) 723-6300,121 Financial,6000 Lake Gray Blvd,32244,(904) 723-6300,121 Financial,14023 Revell Dr,32218,(904) 723-6300,121 Financial,300 W Adams St,32202,(904) 723-6300,Anchor Seven,2121 Huron St,32254,(904) 786-6644,Anheuser-Busch Employees,155 Busch Dr,32218,(904) 751-3335,Chartway,601 Riverside Ave,32204,(757) 552-1000,City & Police,4675 Sunbeam Rd,32257,(904) 854-9775,City & Police,5546 Beach Blvd,32207,(904) 398-7760,City & Police,2409 Dunn Ave,32218,(904) 751-5445,City & Police,4830 Waller St,32254,(904) 388-4234,City & Police,501 E Bay St #205,32202,(904) 353-8454,City & Police FCU,501 E Bay St,32202,(904) 353-8454,Coastline,4651 Emerson St,32207,(904) 346-1700,Coastline,500 Water St,32202,(904) 346-1700,Coastline,550 Dundas Dr,32218,(904) 346-1700,Coastline,6735 Southpoint Dr S,32216,(904) 346-1700,Community First Credit Union Of FL,637 N Lee St,32204,(904) 354-8537,Community First Credit Union Of FL,7676 Merrill Rd,32277,(904) 354-8537,Community First Credit Union Of FL,7640 103rd St,32210,(904) 354-8537,Community First Credit Union Of FL,1623 Edgewood Ave W,32208,(904) 354-8537,Community First Credit Union Of FL,1650 San Pablo Rd S,32224,(904) 354-8537,Community First Credit Union Of FL,1 University of North Florida Drive,32224,(904) 354-8537,Community First Credit Union Of FL,11907 Lem Turner Rd,32218,(904) 354-8537,Community First Credit Union Of FL,8165 Point Meadows Way,32256,(904) 354-8537,Community First Credit Union Of FL,13808 Beach Blvd,32224,(904) 354-8537,Community First Credit Union Of FL,2777 University Blvd W,32217,(904) 354-8537,Community First Credit Union Of FL,623 N Main St,32202,(904) 354-8537,Community First Credit Union Of FL,11701 San Jose Blvd,32223,(904) 354-8537,Community First Credit Union Of FL,Andrew Jackson High School 3816 N Main St,32206,(904) 354-8537,Downtown Branch,121 W Forsyth St,32202,(904) 777-6000,Ducote,2212 Myrtle Ave N,32209,(904) 354-0874,Ducote Federal Credit Union,2212 N Myrtle Ave,32209,(904) 354-0874,Duval,500 Mcduff Ave S,32254,(904) 356-3678,Duval,330 E Bay St #410,32202,(904) 356-3678,Duval,117 W Duval St #130,32202,(904) 356-3678,Duval,655 W 8th St,32209,(904) 356-3678,Farmers,6611 Dunn Ave,32218,(904) 764-4591,First Coast,3040 Edison Ave,32254,(904) 387-5660,First Florida,P.O. BOX 43310,32203,(904) 359-6800,First Florida,4230 Southpoint Pkwy,32216,(904) 359-6800,First Florida,500 W 1st St,32202,(904) 359-6800,First Florida,4530 St Johns Ave,32210,(904) 359-6800,Florida Baptist,1320 Hendricks Ave,32207,(904) 396-4208,Florida Telco A CCU,301 W Bay St,32202,(904) 723-6300,Florida Telco Credit Union,8180 Normandy Blvd,32221,(904) 781-3446,Florida Times-Union Employee FCU,1 Riverside Ave,32202,(904) 359-4178,Healthcare Cooperative,9790 Touchton Rd,32246,(904) 296-1292,Healthcare Cooperative,1800 Barrs St,32204,(904) 308-7494,Healthcare’S Cooperative,3625 University Blvd S,32216,(904) 391-1420,Healthcare’S Cooperative,820 Prudential Dr,32207,(904) 202-2913,Healthcare Cooperative,3003 Lenox Ave,32254,(904) 296-2272,Healthcare’S Cooperative,4312 Pablo Professional Ct,32224,(904) 223-8300,Healthcare Cooperative,580 W 8th St,32209,(904) 244-9109,Healthcare Cooperative,532 Riverside Ave,32202,(904) 791-8194,J. M. Associates,8019 Bayberry Rd,32256,(904) 443-6767,J. M. Associates,1751 Talleyrand Ave,32206,(904) 358-4424,J. M. Associates,9985 Pritchard Rd,32219,(904) 378-4623,Jacksonville Firemens,PO Box 3996,32206,(904) 353-4788,Jacksonville Firemens,7908 Blanding Blvd,32244,(904) 353-4788,Jacksonville Firemens,2205 Haines St,32206,(904) 353-4788,Jacksonville Postal & Professional,1820 Rogero Rd,32211,(904) 743-2555,Jacksonville Postal & Professional,1100 Kings Rd,32203,(904) 355-3757,Jacksonville Postal & Professional,7415 Commonwealth Ave,32220,(904) 781-1512,Jax,PO BOX 2357,32232,(904) 475-8000,Jax,400 W Bay St,32202,(904) 475-8000,Jax,4100 Belfort Rd,32216,(904) 475-8000,Jax,1440 Dunn Ave,32218,(904) 475-8000,Jax,7254 103rd St,32210,(904) 475-8000,Jax,562 Park St,32204,(904) 475-8000,Jax Federal Credit Union,1 Independent Dr,32202,(904) 475-8000,Jax Glidco Employees,P. O. BOX 389,32201,(904) 924-2755,Jax Glidco Employees,601 Crestwood St,32208,(904) 924-2755,Jax Metro Cu,30 E 27th St,32206,(904) 360-5100,Jax Metro Cu,3033 Lenox Ave,32254,(904) 360-5100,Jax Metro Cu,2485 Monument Rd,32225,(904) 360-5100,Jax Metro Cu,21 W Church St,32202,(904) 360-5100,Jax Navy Federal Credit Union,300 Old Kings Rd,32011,(904) 879-4363,Mayo Employees,4500 San Pablo Rd S,32224,(904) 953-6366,Metro North,310 Dundas Dr,32218,(904) 757-5563,Navy Federal Credit Union,460 Naval Station St 18,32227,(888) 842-6328,Navy Federal Credit Union,6331 Roosevelt Blvd #12,32210,(888) 842-6328,Navy Federal Credit Union,9583 Regency Square Blvd,32225,(888) 842-6328,Navy Federal Credit Union,Cross Roads Shopping Center,32244,(888) 842-6328,Navy Federal Credit Union,Atlantic Blvd,32233,(888) 842-6328,Navy Federal Credit Union,St Johns Bluff Rd S,32246,(888) 842-6328,Potter’s House Credit Union,5732 Normandy Blvd,32205,(904) 695-7376,Powernet,966 N Liberty St,32206,(904) 359-9050,Publix Employees,101 Bell-Tel Way,32211,(904) 725-4662,Publix Employees Federal Credit Union,5870 Atlantic Blvd,32207,(904) 725-4662,Space Coast,6131 Atlantic Blvd,32211,(800) 882-5007,Space Coast,8367 Baymeadows Way,32256,(800) 882-5007,State Employees,PO Box 2927,32232,(904) 418-7300,State Employees,401 W 1st St,32202,(904) 418-7300,Vystar,4949 Blanding Blvd,32210,(904) 777-6000,Vystar,4420 Wabash Ave,32210,(904) 908-2392,Vystar,8425 Merchants Way,32222,(904) 594-5501,Vystar,7765 Normandy Blvd,32221,(904) 594-5453,Vystar,8263 Philips Hwy,32256,(904) 908-2880,Vystar,1802 Kernan Blvd S,32246,(904) 594-5350,Vystar,11343 San Jose Blvd,32223,(904) 908-2471,Vystar,686 Commerce Center Dr,32211,(904) 908-2836,Vystar,6801 Roosevelt Blvd,32212,(904) 908-2414,Vystar,1831 Dunn Ave,32218,(904) 908-2330,Vystar,101 Bartram Oaks Walk,32259,(904) 594-5428,Vystar,214 N Hogan St,32202,(904) 908-5471,Vystar,7399 Longleaf Pine Prkway,32259,(904) 594-5428,Vystar,7795 103rd St,32210,(904) 908-2380,Vystar,11674 Beach Blvd,32224,(904) 594-5369,Vystar,7802 Atlantic Blvd,32216,(904) 908-2300,Vystar Credit Union,13551 Lake Newman St,32221,(904) 772-0163,Westside Drive Thru Center,4539 Blanding Blvd,32210,(904) 777-6000,Community First Credit Union Of FL,1451 3rd St S,32250,(904) 354-8537,Duval,1500 Beach Blvd,32250,(904) 356-3678,Vystar,1238 Beach Blvd,32250,(904) 908-2427″][/tboot_table]