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For many Honolulu car-buyers, getting financed is necessary to purchasing a new vehicle. You can choose to line up financing with the dealer, though this isn’t always a convenient process. Fortunately, you can request financing through our website, saving yourself a great deal of time and aggravation. Loan companies and dealers vie for your business in real time, putting you behind the wheel of the approval process.

Car Loan Rates in Honolulu

What will your interest rate be? In fact, your rate of interest can vary hugely based on your credit, among other variables. The rates displayed below are only for informational purposes. They aren’t advertisements, and your exact rate will vary.

Credit Score New Car Pre-owned Car
Excellent 3.4% 3.9%
Good 4.8% 6.3%
Average 6.2% 7.9%
Subprime 11.1% 14.8%
Bad 15.6% 20.1%
Very Bad NA NA

Used Car Auto Loans in Honolulu

Car makers are most interested in selling brand new cars. That being said, a used car auto loan has all kinds of advantages, which includes:

  • Just 10% down required.
  • Lower purchase price.
  • Minimized risk of car poor.

Consider the table below, showing the costs associated with auto loans for new versus used cars and trucks.

Years Old Price Rate Months Payment Interest Total
New $17,800 6.00% 60 $344.12 $2,847 $20,647
1 Year $14,240 7.50% 60 $285.34 $2,880 $17,120
2 Years $12,104 7.50% 60 $242.54 $2,448 $14,552
3 Years $10,288 7.50% 60 $206.16 $2,081 $12,370

After only 12 months on the road, the $17,800 new car is worth only $14,240, and only $10,288 after three years. Below are the typical restrictions on used car loans:

  • Car no older than 7-10 years.
  • Mileage no greater than 100,000.
  • Bought from dealer, not private party.

Bad Credit Auto Loans in Honolulu

By and large, loan providers want consumers with exceptional credit, as car and truck loans involve lots of money. The higher your credit score is, the lower your rate of interest. Fortunately, the internet has made it a lot less complicated for the subprime borrower.

A lot of buyers with unfavorable credit end up at one of Honolulu’s buy here pay here car lots. These dealers offer on-site auto loans, sans credit assessment. No credit checks come at a price: ridiculous annual percentage rates, a lot of conditions and terms, and overpriced vehicles.

It’s better to stay away from these dealerships if at all possible, getting an auto loan on the web. The down payments are less expensive, the same as the annual percentage rates, and the service is far better.

Go here to apply online.

Minimizing Your Annual Percentage Rate

Apart from buying a cheaper car or truck, the easiest way to trim your monthly payment is by boosting your credit. Resolving any credit report errors can boost your credit score appreciably. Fortunately, it’s free to check your credit report annually at You can dispute any mistakes yourself, or engage a company to handle the dispute for you. In some cases, adding a cosigner to your loan package could also lessen your interest rate.

No Money Down Car Loans in Honolulu

Saving enough money you need to purchase a car can be challenging, especially if your credit isn’t very good, which typically entails a large down payment. No money down finance offers, like 0% financing deals, are usually offered only to individuals with superior credit. When you’ve got a bad credit score, there’s only one real option: search for a car dealership that welcomes trade-ins, and let your existing vehicle cover the down payment on your new one.

Honolulu Resources

Credit Unions

Credit UnionAddressZipPhone
Hawaii Community45-690 Pakalana St96727(800) 514-2328
North Hawaii Community45-3600 Mamane St96727(808) 775-7251
Aloha550 Paiea St #22896819(808) 841-6836
Aloha Pacific832 S Hotel St96814(808) 531-3711
Aloha Pacific3625 Harding Ave96816(808) 531-3711
Aloha Pacific988 Fort Street Mall96813(808) 531-3711
Aloha Pacific2200 Kamehameha Hwy #20196819(808) 531-3711
American AirlinesTerminal (HNL) 300 Rodgers Blvd96819(808) 831-6480
Board Of Water Supply630 S. Beretania Street Engineerin96813(808) 748-5980
Board Of Water Supply630 S Beretania St96813(808) 748-5980
GloverPO Box 57996809(808) 218-7509
Glover248 Sand Island Access Rd96819(808) 218-7509
H M S A EmployeesP O Box 86096808(808) 948-5154
H M S A Employees818 Keeaumoku St96814(808) 948-5154
HawaiiP.O. Box 3020796820(808) 847-1371
Hawaii1244 Kaumualii St96817(808) 847-1371
Hawaii Central681 S King St96813(808) 536-3677
Hawaii Law Enforcement1537 Young St96826(808) 973-4311
Hawaii Law Enforcement801 S Beretania St96813(808) 532-4760
Hawaii Law Enforcement1537 Young St Fl 396826(808) 973-4311
Hawaii National GuardP.O. BOX 1081596816(808) 737-5714
Hawaii National Guard3949 Diamond Head Rd96816(808) 737-5714
Hawaii Pacific1441 Kapiolani Blvd #131896814(808) 955-5933
Hawaii Pacific1450 Ala Moana Blvd #100096814(808) 947-0212
Hawaii Schools233 Vineyard St96813(808) 521-0302
Hawaii StatePO Box 307296802(808) 587-2700
Hawaii State3221 Waialae Ave #1696816(808) 426-4480
Hawaii State1099 Alakea St #10096813(808) 426-4370
Hawaii State560 Halekauwila St96813(808) 587-2700
Hawaii Stevedores650 Iwilei Rd #16096817(808) 527-3411
Hawaiian AirlinesP O Box 3006596820(808) 835-3344
Hawaiian Airlines3375 Koapaka St96819(808) 838-5310
Hawaiian Airlines375 Aokea Pl96819(808) 835-3344
Hawaiian Electric Employees770 Kapiolani Blvd #51496813(808) 543-7581
Hawaiian Tel1138 N King St96817(808) 832-8700
Hawaiian Tel1177 Bishop St96813(808) 532-5300
Hawaiian Tel2199 Kalia Rd96815(808) 931-5109
Hawaiian Tel1144 10th Ave96816(808) 735-6940
Hawaiian Tel Federal Credit Union1144 10th Ave #10196816(808) 735-6940
Hawaiiusa1226 College Walk96817(808) 534-4300
Hawaiiusa771 Amana St96814(808) 973-1570
HawaiiusaWaialae Ave96816(808) 733-1700
HawaiiusaHawaii Kai Executive Plaza96825(808) 393-2400
Hawaiiusa Federal Credit UnionAiea Shopping Centre96813(808) 483-1500
HickamP.O. Box 3002596820(808) 423-1391
HoneaPO BOX 135896807(808) 841-2473
HonoluluP O Box 242896804(808) 524-4961
Honolulu459 Patterson Rd Rm 3B-10196819(808) 433-0197
Honolulu1357 Kapiolani Blvd96814(808) 203-5850
Honolulu3600 Aolele St96818(808) 422-7979
Honolulu300 Ala Moana Blvd96850(808) 524-4961
Honolulu Fire Department1200 N School St96817(808) 853-2355
Hotel And Travel Industry1600 Kapiolani Blvd #11096814(808) 942-5115
Inter-Island FCU2200 Kamehameha Hwy #20696819(808) 848-6600
Island Tradition1450 Ala Moana Blvd #130096814(808) 945-6426
Kamehameha2200 Kamehameha Hwy #20296819(808) 842-9660
Kapalama Pacific2200 Kamehameha Hwy #21696819(808) 845-2331
Kapalama Pacific2200 Kamehameha Hwy96819(808) 845-2331
Kuakini Medical And Dental347 N Kuakini St96817(808) 687-6280
Kuakini Medical And Dental1703 Liliha St96817(808) 687-6280
Leahi3675 Kilauea Ave96816(808) 733-7900
Local Union 1186 Ibew1935 Hau St #30096819(808) 848-1599
Mccabe Hamilton & Renny1130 N Nimitz Hwy96817(808) 533-4567
Meadow Gold DairiesP. O. Box 188096805(808) 944-5922
Meadow Gold Dairies925 Cedar St96814(808) 944-5922
Media HawaiiP.O. Box 461496812(808) 545-3281
Navfac4250 Radford Dr96818(808) 422-0577
Navy Federal Credit Union4256 Radford Dr96818(888) 842-6328
Oahu2219 Pauoa Rd96813(808) 521-6727
OralPO Box 328896801(808) 543-9303
Oral1331 N. Nimitz Hwy. Pier 39/4096817(808) 543-9303
Ots Employees811 Middle St96819(808) 848-4408
Pearl Harbor846 S Hotel St #10196813(808) 737-4328
Pearl Harbor550 Paiea St #12896819(808) 737-4328
Pearl Harbor1580 Makaloa St96814(808) 737-4328
Pearl Harbor585 Port Royal St96818(808) 737-4328
PentagonTripler Army Medical Center 1 Jarrett White Rd96819(808) 839-7077
Plumbers & Fitters Local 6751109 Bethel St. Lower Level96813(808) 537-9135
Prince Kuhio740 Kohou St96817(808) 946-1904
Schofield5 Sand Island Access Rd96819(808) 845-9070
Sheraton HawaiiPO Box 855996830(808) 931-8000
Sheraton Hawaii2255 Kalakaua Ave #350596815(808) 931-8000
Skyone324 Rodgers Blvd96819(808) 848-2828
St. Francis Medical Center2228 Liliha St #20996817(808) 547-6229
The Queen'S715 S King St #11096813(808) 547-4521
The Queen'S1301 Punchbowl St Harkness #13996813(808) 547-4521
Theodavies1284 Kalani St96817(808) 847-1909
Timesd106 3375 Koapaka St96819(808) 831-0986
University Of Hawaii2019 S King St96826(808) 983-5500
University Of Hawaii2010 East-West Rd96822(808) 983-5500