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Car loans give you the ability to buy a new car or truck, even when you haven’t got the required money. Whether you’re approved for financing will depend on a number of different factors, which include your credit score, salary, where you live, stability of income, money down, and debt to income ratio. Fortunately, we make it easy to apply through our website, which can save you a good deal of time and aggravation. A local Idaho Falls auto loan specialist can help you secure financing, answering your questions in the process.

Auto Loan Rates in Idaho Falls

What will your interest rate be? In fact, your annual percentage rate varies greatly based on your credit, among other factors. The rates shown below are only for informational purposes. These aren’t advertisements, and your actual rate could be very different.

Credit Score New Car Used Car
Excellent 3.2% 3.9%
Good 4.6% 5.9%
Average 6.9% 7.9%
Subprime 9.6% 10.2%
Bad 14.1% 15.3%
Very Bad 16.5% 18.0%

Used Auto Loans in Idaho Falls

The rates of interest are increased when financing pre-owned autos, as they introduce a somewhat greater risk of maintenance problems. Higher rates for pre-owned cars, however, are contrasted by cheaper down payments, monthly installments, and premiums. Have a look at the chart below, which displays the costs associated with auto loans for brand new versus pre-owned vehicles.

Years Old Price Rate Months Payment Interest Total Cost
New $18,600 6.00% 60 $359.59 $2,975 $21,575
1 Year $14,880 7.50% 60 $298.16 $3,010 $17,890
2 Years $12,648 7.50% 60 $253.44 $2,558 $15,206
3 Years $10,751 7.50% 60 $215.42 $2,175 $12,925

You can buy a lot of car for the money if you aren’t afraid of a second hand car. Most of the time, you can get a car loan for a vehicle that’s up to 10 years old. Mileage constraints may apply.

Bad Credit Car Loans in Idaho Falls

Less-than-perfect credit makes it difficult to finance a car, but it isn’t out of the question. Nothing is more embarrassing than having your credit refused at the car dealership. Although poor credit always results in a more expensive rate of interest, you can now request quotes from an assortment of companies online.

In Idaho Falls, buy here pay here dealerships end up catering to a large percentage of the bad credit demographic While you shouldn’t have any difficulty with respect to approval, it’ll cost you a lot for the opportunity. Typically, it’s much easier to work with a local bank, credit union, or lender. This is the way most people get financed these days, and it’s considerably cheaper over time.

Contact an auto finance professional in your area today.

Can a Car Loan Improve Your Credit?

A car loan can be a good method of improving your credit score, but you have to make sure that you make your payments punctually. If you work with a buy here pay here car lot, you will not have this ability. Most lenders offer automatic payment, which is crucial for making your payments when they’re due every month.

Idaho Falls Resources

Credit Unions

Credit UnionStreet addressZip CodeTelephone
A+PO Box 287183403(208) 522-8576
A+525 W Sunnyside Rd83402(208) 522-8576
Beehive1650 E Sunnyside Rd83404(208) 656-1000
Docutech- Inc.3911 N 5th E83401(866) 444-9581
East IdahoPO Box 186583403(208) 523-9068
East Idaho865 S Woodruff Ave83401(208) 523-9068
East Idaho1170 Science Center Dr83402(208) 523-9068
East Idaho Credit UnionRuss Freeman Park83401(208) 523-9068
Idaho Central169 Houston Cir83402(208) 478-3300
Idaho Central3330 S 15th E83404(208) 478-3300
Idaho Central Credit Union3330 E St Clair Rd83404(208) 478-3300
Idaho State University1385 Fremont Ave83402(208) 235-7100
Members Preferred Credit UnionP.O. Box 220083403(208) 523-0090
Members Preferred Credit Union1515 Hoopes Ave83404(208) 523-0090
Potelco United2001 S Woodruff Ave83404(208) 529-0444
Potelco United Credit Union2001 S Woodruff Ave #183404(208) 529-0444
Scenic FallsPO BOX 5030783405(208) 552-4800
Scenic Falls700 Memorial Dr83402(208) 552-4800
Scenic Falls1530 Elk Creek Dr83404(208) 552-4800
WestmarkP.O. Box 286983403(208) 528-8315
Westmark2160 W Broadway St83402(208) 523-1101
Westmark2520 Channing Way83404(208) 528-8315
Westmark815 1st St83401(208) 523-1071