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Auto loans enable you to buy a new car or truck, even if you don’t have the required funds. If you have top-notch credit, this is a pretty basic process. For those who have a low credit score, however, it can be a massive hassle. Rather than driving from bank to bank, hoping to secure a loan, you can submit one application online. A local auto loan consultant can help you obtain your car loan, answering your questions in the process.

Car Loan Rates in Elkhart

Want to know what interest you will be charged? Truth be told, your annual percentage rate can vary hugely based on your FICO score, among a range of other things. The rates displayed below are only for informational purposes. They are not advertisements, and your actual rate will vary.

FICO Rating New Car Used Car
Excellent 3.4% 3.7%
Good 4.6% 5.2%
Average 6.2% 6.9%
Subprime 8.1% 8.5%
Bad 10.8% 11.7%
Very Bad 11.5% 12.8%

Used Car Financing in Elkhart

Some shoppers are put off by second hand vehicles because they involve higher interest financing. That said, financing a pre-owned vehicle is smarter, since the sum total will be a lot less. The numbers speak for themselves.

Age Price Rate Months Payment Interest Total
New $29,250 6.00% 60 $565.48 $4,679 $33,929
1 Year $23,400 7.50% 60 $468.89 $4,733 $28,133
2 Years $19,890 7.50% 60 $398.55 $4,023 $23,913
3 Years $16,907 7.50% 60 $338.77 $3,420 $20,326

Basically, the car financed new for $29,250 won’t be worth but $16,907 after 36 months. Auto loans for used cars have slightly higher interest rates, but in many instances, you only need 10% down, and the insurance premiums are cheaper.

Bad Credit Car Loans in Elkhart

Your credit rating is of utmost importance when financing a car. Many of us are reluctant to check our credit scores, as we’re afraid of how low they could be. However, this can be dangerous. Previous generations had to go from lender to lender, attempting to locate one prepared to approve them for financing. Fortunately, the internet has gotten rid of most of this groundwork.

Buy here pay here financing is another option. The APR rates are very steep, and the vehicles are always preowned, sometimes with more than 100,000 miles.

Instead, it’s best if you apply for your loan via the internet. This is how the majority of people get approved, and it’s much less expensive in the long term.

Best of all, you can submit your application online.

Reducing Your Interest Rate

Interest can represent a significant percentage of your payment each month, particularly if your credit score isn’t the highest. Repairing any credit report inaccuracies can increase your credit score drastically. You can check your credit completely free through this link.

It takes 1-2 months to get any mistakes fixed. Offering an increased down payment or the addition of a cosigner with good credit could also reduce your annual percentage rate.

Can a Car Loan Improve Your Credit?

As time passes, the payments you make on an auto loan can boost your FICO score . It is important to bear in mind that this is a slow process. Most lenders offer automated payment services, which are essential to keeping current on your payments.

Elkhart Resources

Credit Unions

Credit UnionStreet addressZip CodeTelephone
AssociatedPO Box 49446515(574) 294-2325
Associated404 E Jackson Blvd46516(574) 294-2325
Chiphone710 N Wildwood Ave46514(574) 294-3606
Chiphone1655 W Beardsley Ave46514(574) 294-3606
Communitywide2110 Cassopolis St46514(574) 266-1100
Elcose1811 S Main St46516(574) 295-0093
Elkhart Postal EmployeesPO BOX 34546515(574) 294-2042
Elkhart Postal Employees601 S Main St46516(574) 294-2042
Inova358 S Elkhart Ave46516(574) 294-6553
Inova619 County Road 6 E46514(574) 206-2150
Inova661 County Road 1746516(574) 970-1337
Inova3110 Old Us 20 W46514(574) 296-7945
Interra1139 County Road 1746516(574) 534-2506
Miles Federal Credit Union1601 W Beardsley Ave46514(574) 294-6553
Teachers201 County Road 6 W46514(574) 206-0010
Teachers206 Concord Mall Dr46517(574) 875-1110
Teachers559 E Jackson Blvd46516(574) 293-3191
Teachers3900 E Bristol St46514(574) 206-1600
Teachers Credit Union306 Bittersweet Ln46514(574) 256-3700
Teachers Credit Union - Tcu Insurance242 Waterfall Elk46514(574) 294-1541