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For a lot of buyers, getting a loan is the main hurdle to buying the car they desire. Whether you get approved, and what interest rate you’ll have to pay, depends mainly on your credit scores. Additional variables:

  • Location (Louisville)
  • Debt-to-income ratio
  • Down payment
  • Employment record

We can help you arrange your car loan the day you apply, at an economical rate of interest, even when your credit isn’t ideal.

There are experts in Louisville, who can help you finance the car you need at a rate that’s reasonable.

Car Loan Rates in Louisville

Curious about the rate of interest you’ll be charged? Truth be told, your rate of interest varies widely based on your credit, among other variables. The rates shown below are only for informational purposes. These are not advertisements, and your exact rate could deviate vastly from what’s displayed below.

Credit Score New Car Pre-owned Car
Excellent 3.0% 3.3%
Good 4.4% 4.6%
Average 6.5% 7.0%
Subprime 8.6% 9.9%
Bad 11.9% 14.3%
Very Bad 13.1% 15.5%

Knowing your credit score can keep you from being overcharged. Many banks make use of an auto loan-specific credit score unavailable to individuals, but you can visit here to check your tri-bureau score online.

Used Auto Loans in Louisville

Some buyers shy away from pre-owned cars because they involve higher interest financing. Having said that, to put yourself in the best financial position, it’s better to opt for a second hand car. Have a look at the chart below.

Age Price APR Months Payment Interest Total Cost
New $22,800 6.00% 60 $440.79 $3,647 $26,447
1 Year $18,240 7.50% 60 $365.49 $3,690 $21,930
2 Years $15,504 7.50% 60 $310.67 $3,136 $18,640
3 Years $13,178 7.50% 60 $264.07 $2,666 $15,844

Once it leaves the dealership, a new car loses nearly one quarter of its value, and it keeps shedding a significant slice of its value year after year. A car or truck that cost $22,800 new will only be worth $13,178 three years later. Auto loans for used vehicles come with slightly higher rates, but in most situations, you only need 10% down, and the insurance costs are less costly.

Poor Credit Auto Loans in Louisville

Are you hoping to finance a car from a dealership in Louisville with a bad credit score? The better your credit score is, the more options you’ll have. In decades past, you might be rejected at a few banks or dealerships before securing financing.

Lots of people with below-average credit find themselves at one of Louisville’s buy here pay here car dealers. These dealers offer on-the-spot financing, sans credit assessment. While you shouldn’t have any problems in terms of approval, it’ll cost you a lot for the opportunity.

Whenever possible, you’ll want to get your finance package through one of the following loan companies:

  • National or regional bank.
  • Credit union you can join.
  • Automotive loan company.

A dealer or finance professional will help you secure financing from one of these lenders. This is how the majority of people get financed, and it’s a lot more economical over the long haul.

Best of all, you can submit your application online.

Minimizing Your Interest Rate

There are a number of strategies to reduce your rate of interest. Is your credit report marred by any inaccuracies? These can hurt your credit score more than you might think. You can check your credit at zero cost at, a service offered by the three major credit bureaus.

Addressing any mistakes–a not too difficult process–could result in major advances in your credit score. Other ways to lower your interest rate:

  • Getting a parent, spouse, or sibling to cosign the loan.
  • Offering a bigger down payment.
  • Going with a shorter loan.

Can a Car Loan Improve Your Credit?

With time, the payments made on an auto loan can boost your credit score . Your FICO score isn’t going to surge as soon as you pay off your car loan. It progressively increases as you make your payments on time. It’s impossible to determine exactly how much you credit score could improve, as it depends on a variety of factors, but the improvement is usually significant.

Louisville Resources

Credit Unions

Credit UnionAddressZipPhone
1st United Labor FCU7711 Beulah Church Rd40228(502) 231-9599
Alcan Employees Credit Union1402 Burghard St40210(502) 635-6458
Asrc Employees' Federal Credit Union4500 Camp Ground Rd40216(502) 447-8298
AutotruckPO BOX 1889040261(502) 459-8981
Autotruck3611 Newburg Rd40218(502) 459-8981
Autotruck13210 O'Bannon Station Way40223(502) 244-2272
Autotruck Federal Credit Union9466 Brownsboro Rd40241(502) 326-9886
B & W Federal Credit Union401 S 4th St #230140202(502) 753-5480
B. C. B. S.13550 Triton Park Blvd40223(502) 889-3100
Beacon Community7910 National Turnpike40214(502) 366-6022
Beacon Community128 Rochester Dr40214(502) 364-6801
Brown-Forman Employees850 Dixie Hwy40210(502) 774-7321
Chemco4200 Bells Ln40211(502) 772-5780
Class Act3620 Fern Valley Rd40219(502) 964-7575
Class ActUniversity of Louisville Student Ctr Rm 31640292(502) 852-7321
Class Act7601 St Andrews Church Rd40214(502) 964-7575
Financial Standards Group Inc3615 Newburg Rd40218(502) 459-8023
Fort Knox2925 Goose Creek Rd40242(502) 942-0254
Fort Knox4917 Dixie Hwy40216(502) 942-0254
Jefferson CountyP.O. BOX 2228940252(502) 429-4955
Jefferson County810 Barret Ave # 440204(502) 574-6213
Jefferson County9600 Ormsby Station Rd40223(502) 429-4955
Jefferson County6446 Outer Loop40228(502) 964-9899
Jefferson County Federal Credit Union517 Court Pl40202(502) 574-6445
Jefferson County Federal Credit Union7201 Outer Loop #12840228(502) 239-0900
K I T3415 Bardstown Rd #103a40218(502) 459-9286
K I T3415 Bardstown Rd40218(502) 459-9286
Kemba Louisville4017 Poplar Level Rd40213(502) 459-1411
Kentucky TelcoP. O. Box 1830340261(502) 459-3000
Kentucky Telco3740 Bardstown Rd40218(502) 459-3000
Kentucky Telco Federal Credit Union4816 Outer Loop40219(502) 962-7455
Kentucky Telco Federal Credit Union4004 Dutchmans Ln40207(502) 891-4550
Kentucky Telco Federal Credit Union234 E Gray St40202(502) 625-1310
Kentucky Telco Federal Credit Union455 S 4th St40202(502) 625-1300
Kentucky Telco Federal Credit Union2126 S Floyd St40208(502) 852-6711
Kitco Employees900 W Market St #20140202(502) 562-7600
KyangPO BOX 3324740232(502) 413-4410
Kyang1101 Grade Ln40213(502) 413-4410
L & N Federal Credit Union9265 Smyrna Pkwy40229(502) 368-5858
L & N Federal Credit Union200 W Chestnut St40202(502) 368-5858
L & N Federal Credit Union3099 Breckenridge Ln #10940220(502) 368-5858
L & N Federal Credit Union7412 Dixie Hwy40258(502) 368-5858
L & N Federal Credit Union4700 Southern Pkwy40214(502) 368-5858
L & N Federal Credit Union12981 Shelbyville Rd40243(502) 368-5858
L & N Federal Credit Union3099 Breckenridge Ln40220(502) 212-7880
L & N Federal Credit Union6101 Dixie Hwy40258(502) 937-6602
L & N Federal Credit Union7100 Preston Hwy40219(502) 966-5577
Lno Credit Union5401 Southside Dr40214(502) 364-2789
Lou Chemical Federal Credit Union10309 Dixie Hwy40272(502) 995-7599
Lou Chemical Federal Credit Union4300 Camp Ground Rd40216(502) 447-6300
LouchemPO Box 1694040216(502) 447-6300
Louchem4415 Cane Run Rd40216(502) 447-6300
Louchem525 W Broadway40202(502) 582-4491
Louisville FederalPO BOX 3330340232(502) 458-2681
Louisville Federal1420 Gardiner Ln #6640213(502) 458-2681
Louisville Federal601 W Broadway #11340202(502) 584-3579
Louisville Federal Credit Union1420 Gardiner Ln40213(502) 458-2681
Louisville Gas And Electric CompanyPO BOX 3204040232(502) 627-3140
Louisville Gas And Electric Company220 W Main St40202(502) 627-3142
Louisville Gas And Electric Company820 W Broadway40202(502) 627-3140
Louisville Medical Center234 E Gray St #13040202(502) 629-3716
Louisville Metro Police Officers900 W Market St #10040202(502) 584-7134
Louisville Metro Police Officers900 W Market St40202(502) 584-7134
Louisville-Jefferson County Metro810 Barret Ave40204(502) 574-6213
Louvah800 Zorn Ave40206(502) 287-6282
LouvahVA Medical Center40206(502) 287-6282
Members First Federal Credit Union2900 W Broadway40211(502) 776-6166
Members First Federal Credit Union4202 Camp Ground Rd40216(502) 772-1680
Members First Federal Credit Union7215 Riverport Plaza Dr40258(502) 719-1228
Msd700 W Liberty St40203(502) 540-6213
P L Company Federal Credit Union3029 W Muhammad Ali Blvd40212(502) 776-3724
Park CommunityP.O. Box 1863040261(502) 968-3681
Park Community6101 Fern Valley Rd40228(502) 968-3681
Park Community2501 Blankenbaker Pkwy40299(502) 297-9919
Park Community515 W Market St40202(502) 585-5596
Park Community7521 Dixie Hwy40258(502) 995-3544
Park Community2221 Goldsmith Ln40218(502) 968-3681
Park Community Federal Credit Union101 E Main St40202(502) 585-5596
Park Community Federal Credit Union250 N Hurstbourne Pkwy40222(502) 968-3681
Rale2827 Hale Ave40211(502) 772-7283
Rural CooperativesPO BOX 3217040232(502) 451-2430
Rural Cooperatives4515 Bishop Ln40218(502) 451-2430
Tarcana1000 W Broadway40203(502) 561-5150