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Car loans enable you to buy a new vehicle, even when you haven’t got the necessary cash. Typically, the lender holds a lien on the vehicle until it’s paid off. You’ll have to carry full coverage insurance during this period, and your interest rate will depend largely on your credit score. Instead of spending hours at the dealer or finance company, you can apply for an auto loan on the web.

Let a finance specialist in Minneapolis help you secure financing, answering your questions in the process.

Auto Finance Rates in Minneapolis

Down below we have rates approximated at varying credit levels. These are not to be regarded as advertisements. The rate you’re offered may vary noticeably from what you see here.

Credit Rating New Car Pre-owned Car
Excellent 3.1% 3.3%
Good 4.4% 4.6%
Average 6.3% 6.7%
Subprime 8.4% 9.5%
Bad 13.5% 15.9%
Very Bad 14.7% 17.6%

Used Auto Loans in Minneapolis

Yes, the interest rates for a pre-owned car are more expensive than those for a brand new one. However, pre-owned cars and trucks are cheaper in the long run, and they require smaller down payments. The numbers speak for themselves.

Age Price Rate Months Payment Interest Total
New $25,000 6.00% 60 $483.32 $3,999 $28,999
1 Year $20,000 7.50% 60 $400.76 $4,046 $24,046
2 Years $17,000 7.50% 60 $340.65 $3,439 $20,439
3 Years $14,450 7.50% 60 $289.55 $2,923 $17,373

Interested in pre-owned car or truck? More often than not, you can finance a car that is up to 10 years old. Mileage limitations may apply.

Bad Credit Car Loans in Minneapolis

Your credit history is of utmost importance when financing a car. For the most part, when you have credit problems, you can expect a rate of more than 10%. Fortunately, the internet makes it a lot less complicated for the consumer with below-average credit.

In house financing is a further option, available at Minneapolis’s buy here pay here (BHPH) car dealerships. The drawbacks are substantial: excessive rates and multitudinous stipulations.

Instead, it’s a good idea to search for financing online. The down payments are more affordable, as well as the interest rates, and the service is much superior.

Contact an auto finance professional in your area today.

Limiting Your Interest Rate

There are quite a few strategies to lessen your annual percentage rate. A lot of individuals have mistakes on their credit histories. These types of errors could be damaging your FICO score, and you won’t have any idea. Fortunately, it’s free to check your credit report annually at

Minneapolis has several credit improvement agencies that help people fix such inaccuracies, or you can file the dispute on your own. Other things that might reduce your rate of interest:

  • Getting someone to cosign the loan.
  • Offering a bigger down payment.
  • Consenting to shorter loan repayment terms.

Can a Car Loan Improve Your Credit?

A car loan can boost your credit score, if it meets these conditions:

  • It isn’t supplied by a BHPH dealer.
  • The payments are made promptly, every month.

But keep in mind that this is a slow process. Most lenders offer automatic bill payment, which is critical for keeping current on your payments.

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