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Car loans allow you to make monthly payments on a vehicle that you would not be able to purchase otherwise. If you’ve got exceptional credit, this is a pretty basic process. If you’ve got bad credit, however, it can be a major hassle. To speed up the process, you can apply online for your car loan. There are experts waiting to help you get an auto loan with a rate you can afford.

Auto Loan Rates in St Paul

Few banks, credit unions, and car loan websites provide loan rates in St Paul based on credit score. Instead, they give you the best rate they offer. In reality, your interest rate varies greatly based on your credit, not to mention other factors. The rates displayed below are only for informational purposes. They aren’t advertisements, and your actual rate could be very different.

Credit Score New Car Pre-owned Car
Excellent 3.1% 3.3%
Good 4.4% 4.6%
Average 6.3% 6.7%
Subprime 8.4% 9.5%
Bad 13.5% 15.9%
Very Bad 14.7% 17.6%

Used Car Loans in St Paul

Second hand vehicles don’t cost somuch, but the APR rates are a little elevated. However, a second hand car loan has all kinds of advantages:

  • Less percentage down required.
  • Lower sticker price.
  • Reduced risk of negative equity.

Have a look at the numbers below.

Age Price APR Months Payment Interest Total
New $18,500 6.00% 60 $357.66 $2,959 $21,459
1 Year $14,800 7.50% 60 $296.56 $2,994 $17,794
2 Years $12,580 7.50% 60 $252.08 $2,545 $15,125
3 Years $10,693 7.50% 60 $214.27 $2,163 $12,856

Are you interested in pre-owned car or truck? Most loan companies will allow you to finance a second hand vehicle up to eight years old, and some have a mileage cap of 100K miles.

Bad Credit Auto Loans in St Paul

Has your credit been damaged by bankruptcy, repossession, or other such issues? In simple terms, your credit score is used a measure of risk. Before the net, you didn’t have much option but to accept whatever interest rate and terms they presented you. Today, there are better ways to get financed.

It may seem like a buy here pay here dealer is the quickest choice. Most of these dealerships don’t check your credit, and they offer inexpensive, pre-owned cars and trucks. The downsides are appreciable, including outrageous rates and arrays of conditions. You will be better off with a car loan from a bank or lender, which you can do through conventional dealers. A traditional loan company will report to the credit agencies, meaning your credit score will get better if you make your payments on schedule.

Contact an auto finance professional in your area today.

No Money Down Financing in St Paul

Down payments are usually a requirement in order to get a car financed. No down payment finance deals, like zero percent financing packages, are ordinarily reserved for individuals with excellent credit. Assuming you have below-average credit, there is only one real option: locate a car dealer that accepts trade-ins, and check if they can accept your old car in lieu of a down payment.

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[tboot_table strip=”yes” border=”yes” hover=”yes” cols=”Credit Union,Location,Zip Code,Telephone” data=”Affinity Plus FCU,175 W Lafayette Frontage Rd,55107,(651) 312-9252,Affinity Plus FCU,95 Sherburne Ave,55103,(651) 312-9754,Affinity Plus FCU,3533 Lexington Ave N,55126,(651) 312-9600,Associated Health Care,360 Sherman St,55102,(651) 241-8233,Baxter,4100 Hamline Ave N,55112,(651) 582-3392,Bcbsm Federal Credit Union,1252 Yankee Doodle Rd,55121,(651) 452-3131,C U Auto Resource Center,500 Main St,55112,(651) 631-3111,Carpenters,720 Olive St,55130,(651) 646-8827,Catholic United Financial,3499 Lexington Ave N,55126,(651) 765-4132,Cities Credit Union,3625 Talmage Cir #102,55110,(651) 426-3773,City & County,144 11th St E,55101,(651) 225-2700,City & County Credit Union,1420 Yankee Doodle Rd,55122,(651) 289-3500,Como Northtown Community,976 Lexington Pkwy N,55108,(651) 488-2535,Ecolab,370 Wabasha St N,55102,(651) 293-2441,Employees First,2250 Wabash Ave,55114,(651) 641-4230,Farm Credit Employees,375 Jackson St #100,55101,(651) 282-8880,Gcm Federal Credit Union,684 Transfer Rd,55114,(651) 646-0933,H.B.I. Employees,3415 University Ave W,55114,(651) 642-4490,Healtheast Employees,1700 University Ave W,55104,(651) 232-5600,Healtheast Employees,45 W 10th St,55102,(651) 232-3600,Heartland,PO Box 64608,55164,(651) 451-5160,Highgrove Community FCU,742 Grand Ave,55105,(651) 698-8801,Highgrove Community FCU,680 Cleveland Ave S,55116,(651) 698-8801,Hiway,111 Empire Dr,55103,(651) 291-1515,Hiway,395 John Ireland Blvd,55103,(651) 291-0909,Hiway,1 Federal Dr,55111,(612) 726-1810,Hmong American,388 Western Ave N,55103,(651) 228-0455,Ibew Local 110 Electrical Industry Bldg,1330 Conway St,55106,(651) 776-4239,Members First Credit Union,3880 Sibley Memorial Hwy,55122,(651) 994-4704,Metropolitan Services,475 Etna St #10,55106,(651) 602-8105,Metropolitan Services,475 Etna St,55106,(651) 602-8105,Metropolitan Services Credit Union,2400 Childs Rd,55106,(651) 602-8105,Mid-States Cfcu,3020 Denmark Ave,55121,(651) 234-2400,Minnesota Building Trades FCU,3353 Rice St,55126,(651) 486-9075,Northern States Power – St. Paul,825 Rice St,55117,(651) 229-2221,Novation,225 Skyway Dr,55119,(651) 739-8080,Pace Credit Union,161 Marie Ave E,55118,(651) 451-8495,Pipefitters-Steamfitters,411 S Main St #102,55102,(651) 227-0771,Postal Credit Union,8499 Tamarack Rd,55125,(651) 770-7000,Retail Employees Credit Union,1685 Robert St S,55118,(952) 930-0700,Royal,324 Roselawn Ave E,55117,(952) 933-9000,Smw Federal Credit Union,1691 Cope Ave E,55109,(651) 747-1500,Soo Line,475 Etna St #7,55106,(651) 793-0830,Soo Line Credit Union,1694 Suburban Ave,55119,(651) 771-3530,Spire,56 E 6th St,55101,(651) 215-3500,St Johns Little Canada Credit Union,400 Little Canada Rd E,55117,(651) 484-0265,St. Pascal Parish,1757 Conway St,55106,(651) 260-2124,St. Paul,1330 Conway St #200,55106,(651) 772-8744,St. Paul,1622 White Bear Ave N,55106,(651) 772-8744,St. Paul,30 7th St E #270,55101,(651) 772-8744,St. Thomas Employee,2115 Summit Avenue LOR 209,55105,(651) 962-6660,Think Federal Credit Union,400 Robert St N,55101,(651) 288-1010,Town & Country Credit,900 Long Lake Rd,55112,(651) 846-3972,Trustone Financial,757 Cleveland Ave S,55116,(763) 544-1517,Twin City Co-Ops Federal Credit Union,8700 University Ave W,55101,(651) 215-3500,U S E Federal Credit Union,316 N Robert St,55101,(651) 227-8249,United Educators Credit Union,6789 Upper Afton Rd,55125,(651) 264-0669,Unity One,Galtier St,55101,(651) 298-7103,Unity One Federal Credit Union,380 Jackson St,55101,(651) 298-7103,Usa Federal Credit Union,2285 Walnut St,55113,(651) 633-8443,Vip Metro Federal Credit Union,1563 White Bear Ave N,55106,(651) 774-0818,Wings Financial,1804 7th St W,55116,(651) 698-8801,Wings Financial Federal Credit Union,14985 Glazier Ave,55124,(952) 997-8000″][/tboot_table]