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Car loans enable you to buy a new car, truck, or suv, even when you don’t have the necessary funds at hand. Unfortunately, lining up this kind of loan can be a daunting process, prolonging the entire car buying process. We can help you secure your car loan today, at a cost-effective interest rate, even when your credit isn’t optimal. A local Buffalo auto finance expert can help you secure financing, answering your questions along the way.

Auto Loan Rates in Buffalo

Wondering what interest rate you will be charged? The reality is, your interest rate varies greatly based on your FICO score, among a variety of other factors. The rates shown below are only for informational purposes. They are not advertisements, and your precise rate could be very different.

Credit Score New Car Used Car
Excellent 3.3% 3.5%
Good 4.6% 4.9%
Average 6.6% 6.9%
Subprime 9.2% 9.4%
Bad 13.3% 14.0%
Very Bad 14.2% 15.5%

Used Auto Loans in Buffalo

Used autos are less expensive, but the rates are a bit higher compared to new cars. Intelligent buyers, however, typically buy pre-owned cars. You can finance a low-mile pre-owned car or truck for a fraction of the cost of a new one.

Age Price Rate Months Payment Interest Total
New $20,750 6.00% 60 $401.16 $3,319 $24,069
1 Year $16,600 7.50% 60 $332.63 $3,358 $19,958
2 Years $14,110 7.50% 60 $282.74 $2,854 $16,964
3 Years $11,994 7.50% 60 $240.33 $2,426 $14,420

For most folks, a second hand vehicle is a better option. Let’s consider the typical limitations on used car loans:

  • Car not more than 7-10 years old.
  • Mileage no higher than 100,000 miles.
  • Bought through dealer, not private party.

Bad Credit Auto Loans in Buffalo

Getting financed with below-average credit can be a challenge, particularly if you are reluctant to pay an inflated rate of interest. Few things are more humiliating than being turned down at the bank or dealership. Fortunately, the internet has made it much simpler for the bad credit consumer.

It may seem that a buy here pay here dealer is the simplest solution. Most of these dealers don’t review your credit, and they offer cheap, used vehicles. Yes, your credit will not be a concern, but you will find yourself having to pay a considerable amount in interest for an older vehicle.

You should steer clear of these dealers when possible, and obtain an auto loan via the web. A traditional bank or finance company will report your repayment to the credit agencies, meaning your credit score will improve as long as you make your payments on schedule.

Best of all, you can submit your application online.

Buffalo Credit Improvement

Although your annual percentage rate will be influenced by your credit history, there are things that you can do to make your car loan more affordable. Correcting any credit report errors can increase your credit score significantly. A lot of people don’t realize that, once per year, you can check your credit report completely free via

Buffalo has several credit restoration companies that help people fix these inaccuracies, or you can file the dispute yourself. If you don’t have a good credit rating, having someone with good credit cosign your auto loan could lead to a better interest rate.

No Money Down Financing in Buffalo

Are you aiming to purchase your next vehicle with no money down? A lot of finance companies offer financing for 100% of the vehicle’s cost, but the consumer must have extremely good credit. If you haven’t got great credit, it is best to save for a down payment, or you could find yourself paying an exorbitant rate of interest. Having said that, when you apply online, there are many lenders and dealerships which do offer no down payment financing for customers who haven’t got optimal credit.

Buffalo Resources

Credit Unions

Credit UnionLocationZipTelephone
Abilene Telco110 John Muir Dr14228(716) 636-3700
Amherst Federal Credit Union6470 Main St14221(716) 634-3881
Becco Buffalo% FMC Corp p.o. box 84514240(716) 879-0415
Bethel A M EPO Box 153514215(716) 882-2997
Bethel A M E1525 Michigan Ave14209(716) 882-2997
Boulevard2787 Niagara Falls Blvd14228(716) 691-6727
Buffalo & Erie Cnty Pub Library Emp1 Lafayette Square14203(716) 856-2130
Buffalo Conrail Federal Credit Union1553 Harlem Rd14206(716) 897-2383
Buffalo Cooperative816 Elmwood Avenue Rear14222(716) 881-3767
Buffalo Cooperative FCU385 Paderewski Dr14212(716) 854-2774
Buffalo Cooperative FCU425 Elmwood Ave14209(716) 881-3767
Buffalo Metropolitan62 S Elmwood Ave14202(716) 847-6960
Buffalo Police74 Franklin St #10314202(716) 851-4490
Buffalo Police74 Franklin St14202(716) 851-4490
Buffalo Postal Community1155 William St14206(716) 854-2458
Buffalo Service130 S Elmwood Ave #12614202(716) 842-1320
Buffalo Service3495 Bailey Ave14215(716) 862-8744
Buffalo Services Credit Union111 W Huron St14202(716) 842-1320
Cadets927 Grant St14207(716) 873-1174
Chob219 Bryant St14209(716) 878-7718
Chob187 Bryant St14209(716) 878-7718
Circolo Campobello Di Licata4925 Main St14226(716) 362-9227
Dunlop EmployeesPO Box 110914240(716) 873-4112
Erie County Employees95 Franklin St #11114202(716) 858-6245
Erie County Employees95 Franklin St14202(716) 858-6245
Erie Metro3291 Lake Shore Rd14219(716) 826-1976
Family & Neighbors Federal Credit Union1420 Main St14209(716) 849-0350
Financial Trust1 Robert Rich Way14213(716) 878-8530
Fort Dix Federal Credit Union114 Hamilton St14207(718) 745-8095
Frontier3120 Elmwood Ave #114217(716) 873-9485
Frontier Federal Credit Union3120 Elmwood Ave14217(716) 873-9485
Greater Woodlawn3811 Lake Shore Rd14219(716) 826-6427
Holy Order Federal Credit Union 20701510 Hertel Ave14216(716) 835-8468
Irs Buffalo130 S Elmwood Ave #14714202(716) 854-3714
Irs Buffalo130 S Elmwood Ave14202(716) 854-3714
Kenmore N. Y. Teachers258 Highland Pkwy14223(716) 877-1630
N Fgs & D Federal Credit Union3685 Harlem Rd14215(716) 835-6355
Nfta Employees1574 Kenmore Ave14217(716) 874-1095
Niagara Frontier State Empl FCU65 Court St14202(716) 856-4855
Riverside245 Vulcan St14207(716) 875-1747
S.M.S.D.2253 Main St14214(716) 834-7200
Sisters Hospital Employees2157 Main St14214(716) 862-1472
St. John United184 Goodell St14203(716) 847-1815
St. Johns Buffalo2322 Seneca St14210(716) 823-1527
St. Josephs Parish Buffalo454 Englewood Ave14223(716) 833-9670
State Employees598 Main St14202(518) 452-8234
State Employees520 Lee Entrance #101a14228(518) 452-8234
Sweet Home656 N French Rd #514228(716) 691-9187
Sweet Home656 N French Rd14228(716) 691-9187
The Summit2290 Delaware Ave #10014207(716) 447-0175
The Urban Street Biscuit Wkrs243 Urban St14211(716) 891-6564
Tonawanda Community257 Highland Pkwy14223(716) 873-4688
U H D562 Genesee St14204(716) 847-6655
Western Div Credit Union6750 Main St14221(716) 632-9328
Western New York Federal Credit Union400 Forest Ave14213(716) 884-8781
Williamsville656 N French Rd #714228(716) 691-3110
Workmens Circle1780 Wehrle Dr #10114221(716) 633-3768
Workmens Circle1780 Wehrle Dr14221(716) 633-3768