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Have you been considering a new or pre-owned vehicle in Cincinnati, and want to finance it? It would be ideal if this was easy, but it’s really not. Lenders ask a lot of questions before deciding to provide you a car loan. Instead of wasting time at the car lot or lender, you can apply for financing today online. This is especially helpful for people who’ve got below-average credit, as a range of dealers and creditors will consider financing you, a number of of which specialize in subprime lending.

Auto Finance Rates in Cincinnati

These rates are not anything but estimations to give you a feeling for what annual percentage rate can be expected given where you live and your credit score. The rate you’re offered may deviate appreciably from what’s displayed here.

Credit Rating New Car Used Car
Excellent 3.2% 3.7%
Good 4.5% 5.2%
Average 6.3% 7.1%
Subprime 8.2% 9.3%
Bad 12.4% 14.8%
Very Bad 13.4% 16.4%

It’s recommended that you know your credit score before you ever seek financing approval. Many banks actually utilize an auto finance-specific credit score that’s not available to buyers, but it’s free and easy to check your tri-bureau score.

Used Auto Loans in Cincinnati

New cars have the least expensive rates of interest. Regardless, financing a second hand car or truck is a better value, as the sum total will be substantially less. The numbers speak for themselves.

Age Price Rate Months Payment Interest Total
New $23,500 6.00% 60 $454.32 $3,759 $27,259
1 Year $18,800 7.50% 60 $376.71 $3,803 $22,603
2 Years $15,980 7.50% 60 $320.21 $3,232 $19,212
3 Years $13,583 7.50% 60 $272.18 $2,748 $16,331

A used car or truck is an excellent option, regardless of whether you’re financing or not. Most loan providers will allow you to finance a used car up to eight years old, and some have a mileage cap of 100,000 miles.

Poor Credit Car Loans in Cincinnati

Right away, creditors look at when determining whether to approve you financing. If you’ve got a FICO score of more than 700, you shouldn’t have any issue locking down an auto loan, but approval and interest both become issues for people who have a bad credit score. Most of the time, it’s a good idea to deal with a specialist who can lead you through the process.

A lot of individuals with subprime credit find themselves at one of Cincinnati’s buy here pay here dealers. These dealers offer on-the-spot car loans, sans credit check. There’s a price you pay for that lack of credit check: inflated interest rates, a number of terms and conditions, and overpriced vehicles.

Instead, you’re better off if you apply for a loan online. The down payments are less expensive, as are the interest rates, and the service is significantly superior.

Go here to apply online.

No Money Down Auto Loans in Cincinnati

Generally, you’ll still need some actual hard cash to get the car you want, as a down payment of 10-20% is normally a necessity. Most lenders will finance the entire value of the vehicle, in some cases more, but they require superior credit from the new buyer. By applying online, it’s possible to maximize your odds of obtaining such a package. Loan providers and dealers can see what you want your down payment to be upfront.

Cincinnati Resources

Credit Unions

Credit UnionStreet addressZipPhone
Aurgroup137 E 4th St45202(513) 942-4422
B & O4019 Hamilton Ave45223(513) 542-8365
Bardes Employees4730 Madison Rd45227(513) 533-6200
Carmel Brotherhood3549 Reading Rd45229(513) 281-8388
Cincinnati Central1800 Vine St45202(513) 241-1109
Cincinnati Central5625 Harrison Ave45248(513) 451-3800
Cincinnati Central7000 Vine St45216(513) 563-4488
Cincinnati Central Credit Union1 Safe Ln45215(513) 563-4488
Cincinnati Healthcare Associates2139 Auburn Ave45219(513) 585-2398
Cincinnati Healthcare Associates151 W Galbraith Rd45216(513) 418-2265
Cincinnati Healthcare Associates3200 Burnet Ave45229(513) 281-0489
Cincinnati Interagency26 WEST ML KING DRIVE G445220(513) 569-7878
Cincinnati Interagency5555 Ridge Ave45213(513) 631-0404
Cincinnati Interagency4676 Columbia Pkwy45226(513) 871-1599
Cincinnati Interagency FCU26 Martin Luther King Dr W45220(513) 569-7878
Cincinnati Ohio Police959 W 8th St45203(513) 352-3568
Cincinnati Ohio Police3550 Springdale Rd45251(513) 385-4808
Cincinnati Ohio Police5070 Glencrossing Way45238(513) 922-2786
Cinco Family Financial Center49 William Howard Taft Rd45219(513) 281-9988
Cinco Family Financial Center6321 Glenway Ave45211(513) 281-9988
Cinco Family Financial Center7466 Beechmont Ave45255(513) 281-9988
Cinfed550 Main St #551045202(513) 333-3800
Cinfed550 Main St45202(513) 333-3800
Cinfed830 Main St45202(513) 333-3813
Cinfed7661 Reading Rd45237(513) 333-3923
Cinfed5147 Glencrossing Way45238(513) 333-7854
Cinfed Credit Union - Consumer Loans200 West Covington45202(513) 333-3906
Cinfed Credit Union - Consumer Loans7364 Reading Rd45237(513) 333-3924
Cintel525 Vine St #20045202(513) 421-1516
Cintel525 Vine St #91045202(513) 421-1516
Cintel Fedl Credit Union617 Vine St45202(513) 421-1516
Cinti Central Credit Union - Western Hills3636 Werk Rd45248(513) 451-3800
Communicating ArtsP.O. Box 14123945250(513) 381-3070
Communicating Arts1717 Western Ave45214(513) 381-3070
Deca3118 Colerain Ave45225(513) 541-2480
Dorham Business Forms1600 Magnolia Dr45215(513) 563-8961
Emery7890 E Kemper Rd45249(513) 530-9351
Emery435 Sycamore St45202(513) 530-9351
Emery2300 E Kemper Rd45241(513) 530-9351
Emery4900 Este Ave45232(513) 242-4127
Financial Resources4545 Creek Rd45242(513) 337-7069
General Electric10485 Reading Rd45241(513) 243-4328
General Electric1 Neumann Way45215(513) 243-4111
General Electric2446 Kipling Ave45239(513) 853-5235
General Electric10500 Montgomery Rd45242(513) 865-1131
General Electric375 Dixmyth Ave45220(513) 862-2966
General Electric619 Oak St45206(513) 569-6265
General Electric7500 State Rd45255(513) 624-4595
General Electric3131 Queen City Ave45238(513) 389-5991
Greater Cincinnati Credit Union4004 Edwards Rd45209(513) 559-0901
Greater Cincinnati School2721 Central Pkwy45225(513) 559-1234
Greater Cincinnati School7221 Montgomery Rd45236(513) 559-1234
Greater Cincinnati School3287 Werk Rd45238(513) 559-1234
Greater Cincinnati School6899 Hamilton Ave45224(513) 559-1234
Hamilton County School Employees6230 Hamilton Ave45224(513) 542-8950
Heekin Can Empl8200 Broadwell Rd45244(513) 388-2330
Kemba1045 W 8th St45203(513) 762-5070
Kemba11450 Grooms Rd45242(513) 762-5070
Kemba5710 Wooster Pike #10145227(513) 762-5070
Kemba211 Northland Blvd45246(513) 762-5070
Kemba5844 Bridgetown Rd45248(513) 762-5070
Kemba1014 Vine St45202(513) 762-5070
Leblond Fedl Credit Union2359 Norwood Ave45212(513) 351-7869
Local Union 3921228 Central Pkwy #10845202(513) 621-4600
Local Union 3921228 Central Pkwy45202(513) 621-4600
Mt Zion Woodlawn10180 Woodlawn Blvd45215(513) 772-6230
New Horizons637 Vine St45202(513) 562-6600
New Horizons2101 E Kemper Rd45241(513) 782-1286
Northwest Employees Fedl Credit Union3557 Springdale Rd45251(513) 385-4808
P & G Employees-Emery Federal Credit Union5400 Vine St45217(513) 641-2463
Postal Family Credit Union Inc.P O BOX 1440345250(513) 381-8600
Postal Family Credit Union Inc.1243 W 8th St45203(513) 381-8600
Reading2110 E Galbraith Rd45215(513) 948-7778
Sharefax Credit Union Inc10590 Reading Rd45241(513) 753-2440
Smart Money Comunty Service19 W Elder St45202(513) 241-7266
St. James Parish6195 Cheviot Rd45247(513) 385-5921
Tool Steel11451 Reading Rd45241(513) 733-7955
U.P.S.644 Linn St #12945203(513) 241-2892
Valley Council9231 Reading Rd45215(513) 948-1234
W T Community755 Ohio Pike45245(513) 752-6250
Well-Tel Federal Credit Union324 E 4th St45202(513) 381-3030
West Ohio United MethodistPO Box 5484345254(513) 528-1521
West Ohio United Methodist431 Ohio Pike45255(513) 528-1521
Wright-Patt3 Enfield St45218(513) 825-4300
Wright-Patt Credit Union Inc4560 Lafayette Ave45212(513) 531-3552