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Car loans enable you to acquire a new car or truck, even if you don’t have the required cash in the bank. Whether you get approved, and what rate of interest you’re charged, depends mainly on your credit scores. Other factors:

  • Location (Tulsa)
  • Debt-to-income ratio
  • Down payment
  • Occupational history

If you need to secure the least expensive interest rate available, we can help.

You can let a local Tulsa finance professional direct you through the purchasing process. Even better, it takes just a couple of minutes to apply.

Auto Loan Rates in Tulsa

Down below we have interest rates you can expect at varying credit tiers. These aren’t to be regarded as advertisements. Exact rates differ.

Credit Score New Car Pre-owned Car
Excellent 3.6% 4.3%
Good 4.8% 5.8%
Average 6.8% 8.4%
Subprime 9.7% 10.2%
Bad 12.7% 13.9%
Very Bad 13.6% 15.1%

Used Auto Loans in Tulsa

Options such as zero percent car loans and no money down are available on new cars when you have perfect credit. Intelligent consumers, however, usually purchase used cars. The numbers speak on their own.

Years Old Price Rate Months Payment Interest Total
New $19,800 6.00% 60 $382.79 $3,167 $22,967
1 Year $15,840 7.50% 60 $317.40 $3,204 $19,044
2 Years $13,464 7.50% 60 $269.79 $2,723 $16,187
3 Years $11,444 7.50% 60 $229.32 $2,315 $13,759

The moment it leaves the dealer lot, a new car loses nearly 25% of its value, and it continues depreciating every year. A vehicle that cost $19,800 new will be worth only about $11,444 after 36 months of ownership. Most finance companies will let you finance a pre-owned car up to ten years old, sometimes a little less, and some have a mileage cap of 100,000 miles.

Poor Credit Auto Loans in Tulsa

Have a FICO score in the mid to low 600s? Generally speaking, if you’ve got credit problems, an APR of less than 10% isn’t a possibility. Although below-average credit always leads to a higher interest rate, you can now request quotes from various loan creditors online.

In Tulsa, buy here pay here car dealerships end up catering to people who’ve got major credit problems of one type or another. No credit checks come at a price: exorbitant annual percentage rates, inflexible terms, and limited vehicles.

Whenever feasible, you want to secure your loan through one of the below lenders:

  • National or regional bank.
  • Credit union for which you’re eligible.
  • Vehicle finance company.

A dealership or auto finance specialist can help you obtain financing from one of these lenders. This is the way a lot of consumers get approved, and it’s substantially more affordable over time.

Best of all, you can submit your application online.

Minimizing Your Interest

Interest can account for a big portion of your monthly payment, especially when your credit score isn’t very good. First, it’s smart to fix any inaccuracies on your credit report. You can obtain your credit report cost free at, a service offered by the three major credit bureaus. Disputing discrepancies is actually pretty easy. You can do it yourself, or solicit one of the credit restoration agencies that serves Tulsa. Supplying an increased down payment or adding a cosigner who has solid credit could also lessen your interest rate.

No Money Down Auto Loans in Tulsa

Are you trying to purchase a car without a down payment? The vast majority of loan companies will do 100% financing, in some cases more, but the new buyer must have outstanding credit. By applying online, you may improve your chances of locking down such a deal, as dealerships are able to view your preferred down payment ahead of time.

Tulsa Resources

Credit Unions

Credit UnionAddressZipTelephone
American AirlinesTulsa Base Administration Building74116(918) 292-3319
American Airlines Federal Credit Union7666 E 61st St74133(918) 254-3284
American Postal Workers Union Afl-Cio2875 E Admiral Pl74110(918) 834-9972
Azusa Federal Credit Union8621 S Memorial Dr74133(918) 249-5953
BCBS of Oklahoma FCU1401 S Boulder Ave74119(918) 560-2369
Communication5970 E 31st St74135(405) 665-3760
Communication100 W 5th St74103(918) 588-7580
Communication108 E 8th St74119(405) 591-5500
CovenantPO Box 5529974155(918) 459-3827
Credit Union Service Center8102 S Lewis Ave74137(918) 299-5100
Credit Union Service Center8421 East 61st St S74133(918) 250-7998
Dowell5319 S Lewis Ave #11174105(918) 665-7662
Dowell5319 S Lewis Ave74105(918) 665-7662
Dowell Federal Credit Union7912 E 31st Ct #14074145(918) 665-7662
Encentus1320 S Lewis Ave74104(918) 430-3500
Encentus1924 S Utica Ave74104(918) 430-3500
Energy One220 W 7th St74119(918) 699-7100
Energy One110 W 7th St74119(918) 699-7131
Energy One4500 S 129th E Ave74134(918) 699-7181
Energy One2029 S Sheridan Rd74112(918) 280-2240
Energy One6120 S Yale Ave74136(918) 699-7150
Energy One2448 E 81st St74137(918) 699-7142
Fire Fighters9200 E 41st St74145(918) 582-1191
First TulsaP.O. Box 47019274147(918) 619-9770
First Tulsa12747 E 41st St74146(918) 619-9770
Fraternal Order Of PoliceP O Box 69109074169(918) 836-9922
Fraternal Order Of Police10110 E 11th St74128(918) 836-9922
Golden Eagle585 N Memorial Dr74115(918) 836-6752
Group Service Employees1215 S Boulder Ave74119(918) 551-3800
Hillcrest1634 E 11th St74104(918) 579-7998
Hillcrest1635 E 11th St74120(918) 579-7998
Morning Star1014 E Pine St74106(918) 582-9422
My Choice2192 S Sheridan Rd74129(918) 835-0634
Ok Members First10832 E 31st St74146(918) 663-2050
Oklahoma Central11335 E 41st St74146(918) 664-6000
Oklahoma Central4132 E 51st St74135(918) 664-6000
Oklahoma Central1 One Williams Center74103(918) 664-6000
Oklahoma Central8080 S Yale Ave74136(918) 664-6000
Oklahoma Central515 S Peoria Ave74120(918) 664-6000
Oklahoma Central5350 S Peoria Ave74105(918) 664-6000
Oklahoma Central8075 S Olympia Ave74132(918) 664-6000
Oklahoma Employees717 S Houston Ave74127(405) 606-6328
Oklahoma Employees Credit Union717 S Houston Ave #10374127(918) 582-0850
Red Crown5001 E 91st St74137(918) 477-3200
Red Crown5321 E 41st St74135(918) 477-3270
Riverwest3856 Southwest Blvd74107(918) 445-1968
Saint Francis EmployeesP.O. Box 35074101(918) 494-1810
Saint Francis Employees6600 S Yale Ave74136(918) 494-1810
Saint Francis Employees6161 S Yale Ave74136(918) 494-1431
Space Age Tulsa11333 E Pine St #3874116(918) 438-0140
St John Tulsa Federal Credit Union1743 Utica Square74114(918) 744-2962
State Farm12222 State Farm Blvd74134(918) 621-3777
Tinker Federal Credit Union8321 East 61st St S74133(918) 592-0324
Ttcu11725 E 96th St74133(918) 749-8828
TulsaPO BOX 26774101(918) 610-0200
Tulsa9214 S 78th E Ave74133(918) 610-0200
Tulsa9323 E 21st St74112(918) 610-0200
Tulsa3207 S Norwood Ave74135(918) 610-0200
Tulsa401 E 4th St74120(918) 610-0200
Tulsa7447 Riverside Pkwy74136(918) 610-0200
Tulsa Federal Employees Credit Union1515 E 71st St74136(918) 492-2532
Tulsa Metro4608 S Garnett Rd #50174146(918) 392-0180
Tulsa Municipal Employees1120 W 17th St74107(918) 582-7573
Tulsa Postal & Community1419 S Denver Ave74119(918) 582-1965
Tulsa Postal & Community2132 S 91st E Ave74141(918) 828-9959
Tulsa TeachersP O Box 499974159(800) 234-8828
Tulsa Teachers140 E Pine St74106(918) 749-8828
Tulsa Teachers3720 E 31st St74135(800) 234-8828
Tulsa Teachers14501 E 21st St74108(918) 749-8828
Tulsa Teachers10081 E 81st St74133(918) 749-8828
Tulsa Teachers8222 S Lewis Ave74137(918) 749-8828
United Members4833 S Sheridan Rd #40174145(918) 663-9303
United Members Federal Credit Union4833 S Sheridan Rd74145(918) 663-9303
Western Sun3356 Southwest Blvd74107(918) 446-6317
Western Sun Deferal Credit Union907 S Detroit Ave74120(918) 858-9229
Western Sun Federal Credit Union1505 W 17th St74107(918) 594-6677
Wilserv Credit Union2 E 1st St74103(918) 732-3100