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Trying to secure an auto loan in Bryan? Whether you get approved, and what interest rate you are charged, depends principally on your credit score. Additional factors:

  • Place of residence (Bryan)
  • Monthly income
  • Advance payment
  • Employment record

To speed up approval, you can apply online for your auto loan.

Let a vehicle finance specialist in Bryan help you obtain your auto loan, answering your questions at the same time.

Auto Loan Rates in Bryan

What will your interest rate be? In fact, your annual percentage rate differs widely based on your credit, plus other factors. The rates shown below are only for informational purposes. They’re not advertisements, and your exact rate could deviate widely from what you see below.

FICO Score New Car Pre-owned Car
Excellent 3.3% 3.6%
Good 4.5% 4.7%
Average 6.3% 7.0%
Subprime 9.3% 9.5%
Bad 13.2% 13.7%
Very Bad 14.1% 15.8%

Used Car Auto Loans in Bryan

You will find that it is slightly more expensive to finance a second hand vehicle, at least when it comes to annual percentage rate. Savvy buyers, however, usually purchase pre-owned cars. Have a look at the table below, showing the costs of car loans for brand new versus used vehicles.

Years Old Price APR Months Payment Interest Total Cost
New $20,500 6.00% 60 $396.32 $3,279 $23,779
1 Year $16,400 7.50% 60 $328.62 $3,317 $19,717
2 Years $13,940 7.50% 60 $279.33 $2,820 $16,760
3 Years $11,849 7.50% 60 $237.43 $2,397 $14,246

Essentially, the car bought new for $20,500 will only be worth $11,849 after three years. Most loan companies will allow you to finance a second hand vehicle up to ten years old, sometimes a little less, and some have a mileage cap of 100,000 miles.

Poor Credit Auto Loans in Bryan

Has your credit been damaged by bankruptcy, foreclosure, or other similar issues? Generally speaking, the better your credit, the lower your rate of interest is going to be. Before the web, you had to settle for whatever rate of interest and provisions you were presented. Today, there are better ways to get approved.

A lot of people find themselves resorting to buy here pay here dealers in Bryan that don’t perform credit checks. There’s a price to be paid for that lack of credit check: extortionate interest rates, inflexible terms and conditions, and a limited selection of vehicles. As a rule, it’s preferable to work with a regional bank, credit union, or loan company. This is the way most people get approved, and it’s much more economical over time.

Best of all, you can submit your application online.

Bryan Credit Improvement

Interest can take up a major percentage of your monthly payment, especially when your FICO score isn’t the highest. For starters, it’s smart to review your credit report for errors. You can check your credit completely free through this link.

It takes 30-60 months to get any mistakes remedied, after which time you may see an improvement in your credit score. Other ways to reduce your interest rate:

  • Getting someone to cosign the loan.
  • Furnishing a larger down payment.
  • Agreeing to shorter loan repayment terms.

No Money Down Cars in Bryan

Are you hoping to buy your next vehicle with no down payment? Generally, there are a couple of prerequisites for no down payment financing:

  • The car or truck is brand new.
  • The shopper has top-notch credit.

If you don’t have very good credit, it is easier to start setting aside cash for a down payment, or else you could find yourself paying an outrageous interest rate. That said, when you apply online, there are many brokers and dealers that do offer 100% financing, even for customers without the best credit.

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