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  • The Chrysler Streamline X ”Gilda”

    The Chrysler Streamline X ”Gilda”

    With arrival of the jet plane came many jet inspired automobile designs. Chrysler exec Virgil Exner, Sr was bitten by the jet fever, as were many execs across the industry. After Exner created a small […]

  • The Chrysler Thunderbolt

    The Chrysler Thunderbolt

    Rushed into production for the 1940 New York Auto Show, the Chrysler Thunderbolt was proclaimed ”The Car of the Future” by the automaker. The Thunderbolt was built with the intention to educate the general public […]

  • Fiat is Looking to Cut Some Chrysler Models

    Fiat is Looking to Cut Some Chrysler Models

    At the beginning of the year, the world found out about a surprising deal by Fiat to buy out Chrysler. This, naturally, caused everyone who pays attention to the auto industry to question what this […]