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  • GM/Buick Le Sabre XP-8

    GM/Buick Le Sabre XP-8

    To avoid sinking into obscurity after WWII, General Motors needed a head-turning, eye-popping new design. It took until 1951 before they developed the right concept to fit the bill. Designed chiefly by GM’s style guru […]

  • FoMoCo: F-150 Will Not Cede to New 19 MPG GM Trucks

    Ford Motor Co says that its F-150 pickup truck will remain America’s most popular pickup despite the threat posed by General Motor Co’s new, more fuel-efficient pickup trucks. Ford’s F-series pickup trucks have been the […]

  • GM’s EV1 Unveiled 17 Years Ago

    GM’s EV1 Unveiled 17 Years Ago

    General Motors unveiled its first purpose-built production electric car, the EV1, 17 years ago this January 4. Although the car and GM deserve some kudos on this groundbreaking anniversary, the fact is that the car […]