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We allow you to explore a huge selection of cars currently on local Kingman dealer lots. The moment you’ve found a car you like, utilize the contact form to get in touch with the dealer directly and make certain they haven’t sold it yet. If you’re hoping to finance this vehicle, make sure you ask them if a down payment will be required.

Have you determined how much money you’re going to commit to your vehicle? A lot of personal finance pros recommend spending around one-third of your yearly salary on a used vehicle. To give an example, the average income in Kingman is $11,892, which would translate into a $3,568 car. The most you should commit is 50%, or $5,946 in this example. If you are financing, only 10% of your monthly income should really be devoted to your car payment each month. Don’t prolong your loan repayment term to purchase a pricier vehicle–48 months or fewer makes for the healthiest finances. Given an income of $991 per month, this equates to a maximum payment of $99.

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