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If you’re one of the many Prescott residents wanting to buy a used car or truck, you’re in luck. We have a selection of cars and trucks for sale that’s unequaled in the state of Arizona. Shop for vehicles you like, then line up times to view them. In many cases, you can find out whether you’re qualified to finance a vehicle right from the details page.

Used Car Budgeting for Prescott Consumers

It’s easy to pay too much for a car–please don’t! Here is a solid guideline: spend just 20-30% of your yearly income on a car. Let’s pretend you make $14,074 a year, the average among Prescott residents–this would be $4,222 to $4,926. The maximum percentage you should spend is 50%, or $7,037 in this example. For those who are financing, you don’t want to spend more than 10% of your income each month on your car payment, while repaying the loan in the shortest time possible. With an income of $1,173 each month, this is a payment of $117, at most.

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