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Looking to find the right used car or truck in North Hollywood? If you want the lowest price possible, it is important to compare vehicles offered by the various dealers in your part of California. We can help you do just that, searching a wide range of cars and trucks to find the one that best suits your needs. If you’d like to ask any questions about a car or truck, you’re welcome to connect with the dealer through the vehicle listings page. A lot of the vehicles listed below are eligible for financing. You’ll pay a higher interest rate for a used car or truck than for a new one, but they are still a better value.

In general, you’re better off spending just three and a half to four months’ worth of your salary on a used car. If you make $1,199 each month–the North Hollywood average–this would translate to a car costing $4,315 to $5,034. You ought not invest more than half a year’s worth of your income–put simply, half of your yearly income. In our example, $7,191.

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