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At AutoFoundry, we’ve brought Stockton’s used vehicle inventory online, making it possible to research and compare vehicles for sale from dealers in your area. It’s a lot more convenient to do this online, and it’s considerably faster. If you need to ask a question about one of the vehicles, it’s simple to get connected with the dealer through the vehicle details page. When buying a vehicle that’s a few years old, it’s a good idea to have an inspection completed, in order to reduce the risk of getting a car that has mechanical issues.

Budgeting Guidelines for Stockton Car-Shoppers

Have you considered how much money you’re going to spend on your vehicle? A lot of industry experts suggest spending around 30% of your annual income on a used vehicle. For instance, if you make $21,000 per annum, the average in Stockton, this is just $6,300. This may not sound like a lot. If you need something more expensive, you can go up to 50% of income–$10,500–but more than this isn’t a good idea. If you are planning to finance this vehicle, it’s best to spend only 10% of what you make each month on your car payment, while going with the shortest repayment period possible. With an income of $1,750 each month, this translates to a payment of $175, at the most.

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